2020: The Year You Did It Yourselves

It’sno surprise that with so many of us stuck at home for most of 2020,there’sbeen an increased interest in DIY projects.Homeownershave beenusing the time to build everything from desks to alternative dwelling units. That interest is reflected in wherewe see visitors going on our website.We’veseen a significant increase in the number of people downloadingfree project plansand an especially high interest infreepergolaplans.

The DIY bug has even infected our employees.Outreach and Training Specialist Jackie Flemming found herself without a gym due tothepandemic shutdownin her region.She took advantage of the unfortunate circumstances to build a do-it-yourselfgym in her garage.

DIY Jump Box using bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 Outdoor Accents decorative hardware

And this summer,Fasteners product marketing manager Robert Shirleyimprovised with thebob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 WBSK Workbench and Shelving Hardware Kitto build a rustic potting bench.You can read about hisfinished project here.

diy potting bench

Of course, we’vealsocontinued our relationships with some of our favorite DIY influencers.

Elisha Albretsen, aka Pneumatic Addict, has been working with bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 products for more than half a decade. Inyearspast she’sdoneeverything fromcreatingaDIY candle wall sconceusingPGT Pipe Grip Tie® connectorstoupgrading a patio coverwith our Outdoor Accents®decorative hardware.Butthose projects were small potatoes compared to her plans for 2020.Elishadecidedtotackleherlifelonggoalof building her dream house.

Elisha documented the entire process including unexpected challenges and budget miscalculations. And,despitethe additional pressures of a global pandemic, Elisha was able to close out the year with a new house in which to hang her hat(and other belongings).Theentire seriesis an engaging watch. We’ve posted episode three below.

This was our second year working with Sadie Mae Johns,whose social mediahandle isThe AwesomeOrange,and shehasn’t failedto impress.She started off the yearhelpinga neighbor whoneededprivacy screens. It was an impressive use of ourFBFZ Fence Rail Brackets.

Much like our colleagueBobShirley, Sadie had her eyes set on a potting bench in 2020.

Every dog needs a home, so one of Sadie’s fun projects was making sure herawesome pup Oscarhad a roof over his head. She went with amodern Scandinavian vibe in her design.

Finally,toward the end of the summer,Sadie learnedofa friend whowas inneed ofa new deck. She kindly introduced her friend to our Deck PlannerSoftware,and not only did they design a dream deck,but they alsowent ahead and built it! What a way to finish off 2020.

Speaking of decks, we alsomadesome new friends in 2020. John Maleckireached out to us because he’dencounteredsome unique challengesin addinga decktohis house. The combination ofour Deck PlannerSoftwareandbob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球engineering services helped John find the solutions he needed to build asturdydeck. We were especially excited to see John use our BVLZbrick veneer ledger connectors.

We’dbeen trying to find an opportunity to partner with April WilkersonofWilker Do’sfor quite some time. The stars finally alignedthisfall when she found herself faced with a decaying staircase. Instead of reinforcingher existing staircase,she decided to simply tear it out andbuildanew. April usedjoist hangersandLSC adjustable stair stringer connectorsto finishthe job.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jen Woodhouse. Thefocusfor Jen this year was helpingintroduce to the public thenewest collection in our line ofOutdoor Accents®decorative hardware.TheAvantCollectionhas straight lines andchamferedcorners,creating a clean look thatcomplements nearly any design. Jen worked with our production team to build abeautiful poolside pergola.You can see the finished product below.

We’reexcitedthinkingabout the do-it-yourself opportunitiesthat2021will bring. Ifyoureconsideringbuilding apergolain the new year, keep your eyes on this pageinearlyspring,we’llannounce two contestsyou’lllikely beinterested in.Ifyou’reseeking DIY inspiration,swe’recontinuallyexpandingourfree DIY project plans library.Of course,we’realways looking to our customers for inspirationas well. Ifyou’reusing our products,toss the photo up on Instagram and use the hashtag#strongtiediy.