Outdoor Accents: A Peek Behind the Scenes with Jen Woodhouse

When we started planning a high-quality video for our newOutdoor Accents® Avant Collection™of decorative hardware, we knew we wanted a well-known and talented social media Influencer to help us show off the versatility of this new line. Our marketing team’s first choice was DIYer and brand ambassadorJen Woodhouse.

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Dream Deck Designed: Elements of an Achievable Deck Plan

It’s hard to build during the cold, wet season of winterwhichmakes itthe perfect time tostart laying plans forthatnew deckyou’ve been dreaming about. That’s why this winter we unveiled our new,easytouse Deck Planner Software.Deck Planner Softwareenablescontractors or homeownersto design adreamdeck in just a few minutes.To help roll it out,we askedhomeowners who might be considering building a deck in 2020 to try it out and sendintheir deckdesigns.

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Dream, Design, Win: The Deck Planner Software™ Design Your Dream Deck Contest

We want to helpyoumake the deck of your dreams a reality. This week we’re launching the Deck Planner Software™ Design Your Dream Deck contest.

Open to everyone, from homeowners to pros, the bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 ® Deck Planner Software Design Your Dream Deck contest is easy to enter. Entrants just need to design a deck using our free, web-basedDeck Planner Software. The winner will receive up to $500 of bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 products, as specified in the winning design, to build their dream deck during the 2020 deck season.

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10 Critical Deck Connections

Decks continue to be a popular addition to homes. In 2017, nearly24 percentof the single-family homes started that year included a deck. The same year,25 percentof National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) remodelers reported adding a deck as one of their most common projects. Those numbers have remained pretty constant for the last decade, steadily swelling the number of decks in the United States.

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Deck Guide: How to Build Safe, Strong Decks

A little like Bugs Bunny’s, bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 ’s favorite season is “deck season.”

This penchant makes sense, because for more than half a century bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 has been the leader in structural wood connectors. That history of fashioning solid connections makes us the perfect partner for homeowners and contractors who want to build safe, strong wood decks.

But did you know our deck solutions don’t end at connectors? Every year, our team of engineers innovates better ways not only to build new decks but to strengthen existing decks. Whether you’re a contractor seeking new ways to build faster and more safely or a DIYer embarking on a spring deck project, we’re likely to have the solution you’re seeking. Here’s our Ultimate Guide to Building a Safe, Strong Deck with bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 .
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All Decked Out: How to Attach a Deck to a House Through Brick Veneer

As winter turns to spring and the days get warmer and longer, homeowners gear up for backyard barbecues and fun in the sun. That means brisk business for the deck-building industry, which has been enjoying rapid growth in tandem with the increased popularity of outdoor living and entertaining. After all, what homeowner doesn’t want a nice outdoor deck?
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Deck Safety: 5 Warning Signs of an Unsafe Deck

Just like your home, your deck can’t be expected to last or keep you safe unless it’s correctly built and maintained. Most experts agree that the average life expectancy of a wood deck is 10 to 15 years, and estimate that millions of decks in the US may be presently unsafe. The good news, however, is attention to deck safety can prevent most deck collapses.

If you’re building a deck or already have one, you should know how to evaluate its construction to make sure it’s structurally sound and safe. Using the proper structural connectors and fasteners (like nails and screws) as well as regular maintenance are the keys to a safe, strong deck. It’s a good idea to inspect your deck annually to make sure all your connections are strong.
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Chicken Coop Plans: How to Build a Modern Chicken Coop

This past spring, my wife, Jamie, decided to bring home six chickens. Then she pointed at me and said, “We’re going to need a chicken coop.” Well, six months later, the chickens were still sleeping in our old rabbit hutch at night and free-ranging around the yard during the day. One morning I went to let them out and saw all six of them tightly packed into a hutch designed for one rabbit, and I knew the time had come.

When I sat down to design these chicken coop plans, I knew that we wanted something awesome. We wanted to design a coop with clean, modern lines that had a simple yet great-looking exterior. This thing will be sitting in our yard all the time, so we knew just any old coop wouldn’t work. Jamie and I sat down to research chicken coop plans but nothing was exactly what we wanted. We didn’t want the standard look of boxes attached to boxes. We wanted everything housed in one single unit, under one roof.
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Keep Corrosion in Check

Just as knowing the load capacities of your metal hardware is crucial to safeguarding the structural integrity and longevity of your building project, so is understanding the metal’s susceptibility to corrosion. The likelihood of rust and rot increases when you are building outdoors in wet environments or other corrosive conditions. Having a solid awareness of thecorrosive threatsposed by the environment and your building materials will help you to choose the fasteners, connectors and anchors that will best mitigate the risk of corrosion and keep your project structurally sound for the long haul.

Start by evaluating theexposure levels in your environment. Is it an interior dry- or exterior wet-service job, for example? Generally, outdoor environments are more corrosive of steel because of the greater moisture levels they present. Projects near the ocean or waterfront are at increased risk for corrosion due to airborne chlorides and salt splash prevalent in marine locales. Salt is also a danger if building materials will be exposed to de-icing salts.
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Prescriptions for a Perfect Pergola

Building a custom pergola, gazebo or patio cover is one of the best ways to enhance an outdoor living space. Beginning your project with a few simple construction tips in mind — and the right hardware on hand — can go a long way toward making your job easier, and toward creating a pergola that’s both structurally sound and stylish. Here are four tips on how to build your perfect pergola or other backyard structure.
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