How Pergola Planner Software™ Helped Turn My Parents’ Patio into an Oasis

This past summer, my parents and I were talking about some of the latest home improvement projects that they had going on, and the topic of providing more shade for their backyard patio came up. For the last couple of years, they’d been looking into different ideas of what to do with this space, including sketching out on notebook paper layouts and particulars that would be nice to have. They’d tried portable patio umbrellas and various other ways to shade this area and had come to a decision that it was time to add a permanent structure that would serve as both a backyard shelter and an aesthetic complement to their home.

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DIY: Nominal Lumber Size Versus Actual Lumber Size

Every so oftena homeowner tackling a new project will reach out to ask why their lumber doesn’t fit the connector. We sympathize. Lumber sizes can be confusing, especially when someone is first getting started with DIY woodworking.Nearly every single timethis question comes up,it comes down to “nominal” dimensions of the purchased lumber.

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2020: The Year You Did It Yourselves

It’sno surprise that with so many of us stuck at home for most of 2020,there’sbeen an increased interest in DIY projects.Homeownershave beenusing the time to build everything from desks to alternative dwelling units. That interest is reflected in wherewe see visitors going on our website.We’veseen a significant increase in the number of people downloadingfree project plansand an especially high interest infreepergolaplans.

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DIY Weight Storage: Using bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 Strength to Organize a Home Gym

One of the nicest outcomes of the COVID pandemic has been the reduction in commuting time for people who have shifted to working 100% from home. With less time in transit, many people have had to figure out how to work effectively from home.

Renegotiating time and space for work hasn’t been the only challenge, though. Not only did many places of employment close, but the businesses where people spend their time, like churches, salons, and gyms were also shuttered. When COVID restrictions began, most gyms were closed, and once restrictions were lifted and doors reopened to customers, only a small percentage of people could congregate inside at one time. For people whose workouts are a central part of their lives —stopping them altogether or waiting until things got back to normal just wasn’t an option. So, when my coworker described how she reimagined her family’s workout time, I was immediately inspired and couldn’t wait to share her story.

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5 Things to Know Before Building a Chicken Coop

So, you’ve decided tobuild a chicken coopfor your yard — congratulations! But now you’re probably thinking, “Where do I even start? What materials do I need? How many chickens can I put inside?” bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 has partnered with the backyard chicken experts atChickens and Moreto answer these questions and many more.

Building a chicken coop doesn’t have to be an intimidating or impossible project. As long as you have some basic woodworking skills (or a willingness to learn them), space, time, and determination, we’ll guide you through the rest!

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6 Free Pergola Plans (Plus: Pavilions, Patios and Arbors)

Free pergola plans by bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 will help beautify your backyard while providing your family and guests with shade to relax in.

These pergola designs were developed by bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 engineers, so you can be confident that not only will they look great but they’ll be safe, strong structures. We’ve set out to create a diverse selection of architectural styles to make it easier for you to find the structure that best enhances your outdoor space.

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DIY: Building a Potting Bench with the Workbench Hardware Kit

Many of us have found ourselves spending more time at home this summer trying our hands at do-it-yourself projects or making long-overdue home improvements. bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 hasa helpful DIY websitefilled with inspirational photos and free project plans. Many of those projects, like ourfree pergolaandgarage shelving plans, were produced in house by our engineers. Others came from the creative minds of brand ambassadors we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, like theRogue EngineerandJen Woodhouse.

bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 Fasteners product marketing manager Robert Shirley turned to our website and thebob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 WBSK Workbench and Shelving Hardware Kitwhen he was trying to find inspiration to build a new potting bench. He tells his story and shares photos of the finished project below.

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Outdoor Accents: A Peek Behind the Scenes with Jen Woodhouse

When we started planning a high-quality video for our newOutdoor Accents® Avant Collection™of decorative hardware, we knew we wanted a well-known and talented social media Influencer to help us show off the versatility of this new line. Our marketing team’s first choice was DIYer and brand ambassadorJen Woodhouse.

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Outdoor Accents® Avant Collection™ — a New Look for Backyards

One of the ways many homeowners increase the enjoyment (and monetary) value of their property is byadding a well-designed deck, pergola or other outdoor structure to their backyard. Whether it’s for entertaining or just chilling with a good read and a bracing beverage, a beautiful outdoor living space makes any backyard activity more desirable. Perhaps that’s why, in a 2017 survey,25%of National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) remodelers reported adding a deck as one of their most common projects, and the figure was nearly identical fornew home construction.

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DIY: Building Privacy Screens with The Awesome Orange

Your backyard might be the envy of all your neighbors, but sometimes a person needs a little extra privacy. The reasons for backyard privacy are endless. Maybe you don’t want your neighbors peeking in on your hot-tubbing, or maybe you’ve built a little koi pond for quiet meditation. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered.

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