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Titen Turbo Flat Head Screw
Titen Turbo Flat Head Screw
Patent Pending
Titen Turbo Hex-Head Screw
Titen Turbo Hex-Head Screw
Patent Pending

Easy, Fast and Reliable — You’ve Got to Drive It toBelieve It!

Smooth driving with less torque while providing superior holding power

We asked contractors how we could improve on the standard blue-screw concrete anchors stocked at any of the lumberyard and home-improvement stores today, and the result of the feedback is the Titen Turbo™ screw anchor for concrete and masonry. Titen Turbo delivers what pros want — consistently trouble-free installation, and fastening strength they can depend on.

For use in attaching electrical boxes, conduit, switch boxes, light fixtures or windows into concrete or masonry-based materials and more.

Titen Turbo Video
How to Install Titen Turbo Concrete and Masonry Screw Anchor

Smooth driving with less torque while providing superior holding power

Titen Turbo Detail

The secret behind the performance of the Titen Turbo screw anchor lies in its patented thread design, which enables smooth driving with less torque while providing superior holding power. The revolutionary Torque Reduction Channel between the threads gives drilling dust a place to go, thereby significantly reducing torque-related issues like binding, stripping and snapping without compromising strength

Anatomy of the Titen Turbo (TNT) Concrete and Masonry Screw Anchor

Next Generation TNT screw anchor designed to improve installation experience with lower torque and higher tension loads than the competition.

Titen Turbo Detail

For the first time, we are introducing a 6-lobe drive masonry screw to provide improved installation experience. This design is superior to the standard Phillip’s drive as it grabs better and allows for more torque to be provided for installation.

The revolutionary Torque Reduction Channel features a patented reverse thread design with dust channel that allows more space for dust. Serration on leading edge to effectively cut the concrete or masonry. Pointed tip for easy attachment of wood to concrete or for wood-to-wood applications.


  • Patent-pending Torque Reduction Channel that traps dust where it can’t obstruct the thread action, reducing the likelihood of binding in the hole
  • Availability with either a hex head or, for a smoother installed profile, a 6-lobe-drive countersunk flat head
  • The 6-lobe drive’s larger contact area provides better bit grip for reduced cam-outs, more torque, better performance and longer bit life
  • 6-lobe bit included in packaging for countersunk flat head version
  • Superior load performance compared to leading competitors in the market
  • Matched-tolerance bit not required; use a standard ANSI drill bit for installation
  • Serrated screw point for easier starts when fastening wood
  • Designed for installation with an impact driver or cordless drill
  • Use in dry interior environments only
  • Code listing for installation without cleaning dust from predrilled holes (ICC-ES)


Tietn Turbo Silver 6 Lobe Door Sill Plate
Tietn Turbo White 6 Lobe
Titen Turbo Blue 6 Lobe Furring
Versatile applications include:electrical boxes, conduit, switch boxes, light fixtures, window frames, thresholds, basement furring strips, shelf mounting concrete/CMU, handrails.

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