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FX-70® Structural Piling Repair and Protection System for Timber, Concrete and Steel Piles

The FX-70 structural piling repair and protection system was the first in-place repair solution for damaged concrete, steel and wood piles when it debuted in 1970, and many of those first repairs remain in service today. By eliminating the need to dewater the site or build cofferdams, the FX-70 system drastically reduces the overall expense and loss-of-use cost as the structure can generally remain in service while the pile repair is executed.

Key Features

  • Economically repair damaged piles in place — no need for costly cofferdams or dewatering
  • High-strength, water-insensitive materials bond well to concrete, timber and steel pilings
  • Structure can generally remain in service while the repair is executed
  • Protective system prevents corrosion, deterioration, weathering and erosion
  • Accommodates piles of various shapes and sizes
  • No need for heavy-lifting equipment
  • System is low-maintenance following repair
  • Safe for use in marine-life habitats
  • Easily blends with existing structure

Request to speak with a Strong-Tie expert about your project Construction professionals, if you’d like to be contacted by a local representative to discuss using the FX-70 system, please tell us a bit more about you and your project. Someone from our team will make every effort to get back to you within 24 business hours. If you need to reach someone sooner, please call your local RPS specialist at (800) 999-5099.

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Watch the In-Water Piling Repair: How to Install FX-70 Jackets Video

FX-70 Resources


Learn how our FX-70 structural pile repair and protection system can save time and money on pile repair projects. Eliminate the need for dewatering and coffer dams, thereby reducing downtime.

Case Studies

Attack of structures at the waterline is commonplace in marine environments. Tidal action, river current, salt water exposure, chemical intrusion, floating debris, marine borers, electrolysis and general weathering are all examples of factors affecting the lifecycle of structures in marine environments.

FX-70 Engineering Letters

bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 engineering letters provide information and prescriptive design recommendations for repairs and other applications using the FX-70 Structural Repair and Protection System.

FX-70 CSI Specification

Suggested CSI format specification for bob体育欧洲杯哪里可以买球 FX-70 Structural Pile Repair and Protection System.

System Components

FX-70 Fiberglass Jacket

Hand-made and assembled in the U.S., the FX-70 tongue-and-groove seamed jacket provides a corrosion-resistant protective shell and is available in round, square, H-pile and octagonal shapes.

High-Strength Grouting Materials

These products displace existing water and can easily be placed into the FX-70 jacket without the costly building of cofferdams or dewatering of the repair site.

Installation Instructions

FX-70® Structural Piling RPS

This video provides step-by-step instructions for two different application methods: FX-70-6MP™ epoxy grout method and FX-225 cementitious grout combination method.

FX-70 Structural RPS

A guide providing installation instructions for the FX-70 structural pile repair and protection system.

FX-70 Pumping Port

A technical bulletin providing step-by-step procedures for installing the FX-70 structural pile and protection system pumping ports.